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A business loan is a debt-based financing arrangement between a company and a financial institution, such as a bank. While commercial loans are more commonly thought of as short-term sources of capital for businesses, some banks or other financial institutions provide revolving credit which may extend for an unlimited period. Commercial loans typically require a business to put up collateral, typically in the form of real estate, plants, or equipment, which a bank may seize from a borrower if they are delinquent or go into default. Commercial loans are issued to various types of business entities, typically to help meet short-term financing needs for operational expenses or the purchase of equipment that will make operations easier.

Any corporation or individual engaged exclusively in the business of making commercial loans for money, credit, goods, or things in operation, and charging, contracting for, or receiving for any such loans an interest, a finance charge, a rebate, or a consideration therefor.

Get a term loan to make a big investment in your business, or finance a takeover. Commercial term loans A term loan is perfect for expanding a business, making capital improvements, and purchasing equipment. We also offer various secure and unsecured term loans designed to help your company expand to meet longer-term financing needs. Our commercial real estate loans are ideal for business owners looking to fund a purchase of a new commercial property, or a refinance of an existing property.

If you are looking for extra working capital, need financing for a season, need operating cash reserves, need to hold accounts receivable, and/or need to buy inventory, our various lines of credit options can help your company. Wintrust Commercial Banks dedicated credit team understands the complexity of running midmarket companies across multiple industries, and is prepared to offer tailored lending structures to fit your needs. Our teams include attorneys with extensive experience in negotiating business contracts and financing agreements related to limited-recourse financing of electric, petrochemical, infrastructure, natural resources, and other projects.

Our attorneys have experience securitizing many different classes of assets, such as equipment leases, credit cards, commercial receivables, tax liens, and car loans and leases, using various structures, including a title trust. Specifically, regarding our borrower and issuer clients, we counsel clients to set up entity structures anticipating market demands in a credit cycle, typically including the acquisition of warehouse financing, and ultimately the acquisition of less costly financing via securitization. We assist in all phases of a projects development and financing including real estate transactions, land use and rights, environmental permitting, EPC agreements, feedstock or fuel supply agreements, offtake agreements, tax matters, turnaround partnership agreements, and, of course, the loan agreements and securities documents.

Work with a team of collaborating professionals that can provide access to financial solutions and resources across our firm, so that you can effectively manage your company. Our goal is to be the easiest bank to do business with so you can return to managing your own portfolio.

Through the premier AFS Commercial Lending Solution, AFSVision, we provide support for live, multi-currency, direct-processing in these lines of business. Solutions: From the Busey Small Business Initiative, supporting entrepreneurs whose businesses will contribute to our local communities, to multi-million-dollar packages, we offer commercial lending solutions tailored to your unique needs. As your trusted commercial lending adviser, GCL hears your concerns and partners with you to find financial solutions that enable you and the people in your community to live large.

Commercial Lending Training provides the opportunity for Loan Officers and other lending professionals to develop or refresh their knowledge about lending. Many commercial lending training providers focus on the analysis and underwriting phases, since this is the key phase of the commercial credit process, as well as maintaining a healthy portfolio of loans. Commercial lending training spans the range, from basic courses geared toward novice commercial lending professionals (who wish to become a loan officer or another kind of small business loan originator) all the way up to far more advanced training for seasoned lenders (including financial modeling skills, larger loans, or niche topics such as agriculture loans or commercial real estate financing).

The schools are designed to push bank loan officers and commercial lenders to the pinnacle of their fields. Unique to Foundational School for Commercial Lending is SWGSBs exclusive bank loan simulation program, the “Loan Simulator,” designed exclusively for loan officers. ABAs Farm Lending School is ideal for lenders working on farm enterprise loans, students will sharpen their skills to construct credible forecasts in a volatile commodities pricing environment, and apply farm enterprise-specific survey techniques. It is especially designed for those bankers, regulators, auditors, and bank lenders who have been out of commercial lending for some time, wish to refresh their analysis of financial statements, or are new to commercial lending, such as bankers.


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